You might wonder aloud why you don’t go to church more often. The vicar is charming and it gives you a sense of wellbeing. But this is soon forgotten. You won’t be back till Christmas. By then the vicar will have spent hours on sermons few will hear, prayed alone in a cold church on frosty mornings, and wondered over and again what he is doing wrong.
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An interesting wall I saw on Derby Road, Nottingham

I feel quite aware that I haven’t looked at tumblr a lot for a good year or so, let alone post much. So then, here are a few photos from my phone that haven’t duplicated much with instagram, twitter or Facebook. These stretch back to just before Christmas.

I should also say, these were taken in Nottingham, Bristol, Paris and Gatwick Airport. In no particular order.

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Most of us are familiar with making sand sculptures at the beach, but we’ve never seen ones like these before.

In her Gravity series, Claire Droppert creates innovative sculptures by simply tossing sand in the air and photographing the results. 

Photos of Sand Suspended in Midair 

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This is one of those photography projects that I wish I’d thought of, then feverishly hope that I forget enough about to one day think of it and assume it was my own idea.

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Playing about with flat designs this evening. Here’s a comp using graphics and copy from the Nottingham magazine I work with LeftLion.

Not really drilling too far down, the images are of the main page, a scrolled-page and a side-drawer menu - complete with a nice big button for the leftlion-extended project at your fingertips.

Rough iPhone 5S graphic rustled up as I’m loathe to rip off others’ graphics.

I’ve been putting off learning 3D effects in adobe Illustrator for far too long. Here’s something I did on more of a whim than anything else.

The cup is made with a just a few straight lines, and the logo & drinking hole are simple flat vectors, mapped onto the cup in the effect’s window.

Colouring the lines in this delightful TARDIS blue, for clarity, you can see how 3D rotation is a really easy effect to pull off.


the awakening

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